Software Development Is Expensive

But it doesn't have to be... After working for a software contracting agency, I realized that good software development was too expensive. Why was the agency charging north of $150/hour for my time? The answer wasn't that good software developers were too expensive. It was that the agency had too many layers. There were account managers, solutions engineers, random business people, sales, ect. ect. As the client do you need all of that to bring your ideas and solutions to fruition? NO! That's when I decided that I could bring the same quality work to clients without all of the bloat.

Web/Application Development

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You Know You Need An App/Website

But have no clue where to start... You may have already called some software agencies only to receive an outrageous quote. Now you're back to square one. Or maybe you haven't even made that first phone call. Don't let this discourage you. I'm here to help you navigate, not steal your money. If you're looking for a solution that is beyond my capabilities, I'll tell you.

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